Exclusive: New DMOZ To Be Called “Curlie”

“Curlie” is the working name of a new directory being developed by the former DMOZ community.

We reported earlier today that the DMOZ community was planning on a reboot of the once popular online directory.

Elper, a DMOZ admin who lists his real name on his profile as Pierre, told Consumer Press today that the former DMOZ Admin team, with the support of the DMOZ Metas and editing community, are busy working on the new directory.

The current working name is ‘Curlie’“,  said Elper. “The general idea is to make the entire project volunteer editor run, not just the editing part; and steering clear of partnerships with commercial interests like AOL.

Curlie’s online home is curlie.org.

The timeline for the launch of Curlie is unknown at this point, according to Elper. “There is a lot to untangle and set up before we get to that stage“.

Considering the popularity of search engines, we asked if there is still a place for directories online?

We (the community) are certainly aware that the directory model we had was in need of an overhaul – and are discussing ideas for change.”

The DMOZ database, as it was when AOL closed DMOZ, is currently being mirrored at dmoztools.net. Elper said that site is run by a DMOZ editor. At this time there is no plan to keep it going any longer than necessary.

The DMOZ database is also being mirrored at dmozlive.com, whose owner is a member of the DMOZ volunteer forum, but not an editor.

Both are non-editable directories built from DMOZ data. “Other versions exist,” said Elper, “including ones with more commercial aims.”

What do you think of a relaunch of DMOZ under the name Curlie?

Leave your thoughts below, and be sure to share this info with your friends and followers. They’ll appreciate the heads up!

– disclosure: Chris Andrews is the former DMOZ editor of the Consumer/News & Media category.

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