New EA Star Wars Battlefront Is Different – Features, Release Date

EA’s new Star Wars Battlefront game certainly sets itself apart from previous entries. Unfortunately, it happens to do so by eliminating classic features such as dedicated space battles.

The new entry will also not allow players to aim down sights. Players will only be able to aim from the hip like “real Stormtroopers.”

Modern day fans of shooting games are used to aiming down the sights of their guns. Removing that feature will surely come as a shock to them.

Meanwhile, in the place of squads, Battlefront features its own system known as “Partners.” This system allows two people to spawn at the same location, see each other on their HUD and use any unlocked items they have between them.

Players will also be able to pick their own weapons before starting a match. This effectively gets rid of default guns and allows the player more freedom.

Star Wars Battlefront is considered the modern day reboot of the franchise. It is set to release on November 17, 2015 for Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC.

It is also the first Star Wars game to be made by EA DICE.

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Consumer Expert Kesten Harris

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