New ‘Family Edition’ Xoom To Go On Sale Sunday

A new version of the Motorola Xoom will be released this Sunday.

The Motorola Xoom Family Edition is being promoted as a tablet for the entire family. It has specs which are similar to the original Xoom. It runs on Android 3.1, features a 1GHz dual-core processor, has 10.1” touchscreen, a 5MP rear camera and 2MP front camera.

The Xoom Family Edition comes with 16GB of storage capacity. It has some basic styling changes in the body, some kid friendly software, and a lower price.

Preloaded software includes Kid Zone by Zoodles, which provides parents with a way to lock down the ‘home’ button and to screen out inappropriate content. It can be set to allow just certain items, such as educational games and movies. The program is designed for kids 8 and under.

Once released from kids mode, the Xoom Family Edition can be used as normal, accessing whatever content is desired.

Jim Hamilton, corporate vice president, global retail & distribution, Motorola Mobility, said of the Xoom Family Edition “Nowadays, everyone from mom, dad to the youngest child use the same tablet device. We set out to design a device that’s kid and family-friendly yet versatile enough to handle your business needs.”

The Family Edition also includes MotoPack by Motorola, a program for accessing Android apps which have been tested by Motorola for use on their tablets.

The Family Edition Xoom will be sold exclusively through Best Buy stores. Best Buy has announced that the price will be $379 for a  limited time. Currently, Best Buy only sells the 32GB version of the original Xoom with WiFi, for $499, and the 32GB version with 3G,  for $599. The new Motorola Xoom Family Edition will be available starting Sunday, October 16th.

Consumer Expert Faroh Sauder

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