New Far Cry 3 Trailer, Release Date & Storyline Revealed

New Far Cry 3 Trailer, Release Date & Storyline Revealed

Last week Ubisoft revealed a new trailer for the highly anticipated FAR CRY 3.

In this new footage we have a look at the central characters of the story line called the “Savages”.

In the new video we have a look at two central characters for FAR CRY 3, Vaas and Buck. Here is a quick profile about both these characters released  by Ubisoft.

VAAS : Vaas is an unpredictable, psychotic, violent, merciless, coked-up pirate warlord and slave trader who kills purely for entertainment. Early in the story, Vaas and his pirates capture Jason Brody and his friends. Vaas taunts them, explaining that he’s eager to see how much money Jason’s parents will pay for his return. But then things go south. Jason escapes. Enraged that a ‘pretty boy’ would dare challenge him, Vaas screams: “If the jungle doesn’t eat you alive, I will.” And thus begins a lethal rivalry between the two men.

BUCK : On an island marked by depravity and violence, Buck may be the most depraved and violent of all. His story began in Australia, where he joined the armed forces at an early age. But his commanders quickly discovered his perverse addiction to inflicting pain, and dismissed him. He fell into mercenary work, leading to a contract with Hoyt Volker, the South Pacific’s most notorious drug-runner and slave trader. Hoyt realized that Buck’s ferocious combat skills and unrelenting brutality could be of use. Since then, Buck has answered to no other. When Hoyt needs a kill, Buck gets the call.

The main protagonist of FAR CRY 3 will be Jason, a normal guy on vacation with his friends who gets mixed up with the wrong elements on the island. The story for the FAR CRY series this time around will be more psychological than purely action based as before. The island plays a major narrative point in the story by being both a realistic and a dream like place for Jason.

Adding certain RPG elements to the game, this time around players will have a skill tree system to develop. The skill tree has three main branches of stealth, long range and assault. this will provide the player the opportunity to pick up a style of gameplay and harness their strong points or develop a more balanced approach to the game. As the game progresses, players will be able to unlock new skills and develop abilities to even chain take downs together to make for an efficient killer.

FAR CRY 3 is all set for a December 4, 2012 release. It is available for pre-order with bonus content here.

Here is the Savages trailer released by Ubisoft. Tell us what you think of FAR CRY 3 in the comments section below.


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