LG has finally unveiled the G3, its latest attempt to get a foothold in the smartphone market that has been recently dominated by Samsung and Apple.

Although the changes from the G2 were relatively minor, overall they could make the difference for the comparative shopper.

 – 5.5″ Quad HD display – Enlarged from a 5” screen, this 538ppi display makes a big difference, especially since the overall size of the unit did not increase significantly.

 – 13.1 megapixel camera – With the infrared laser auto-focus, low light adjustment and stabilization, the improved camera makes it easier to take high quality pictures. The rear camera is now the “Selfie Camera” and features low light control and an angled lens.

 – Rear mounted audio controls – Either you like them or not, but they are smaller and flatter than the G2 and situated around the camera lens.

 – Improved stock keyboard – Actually learns and corrects your common mistakes. For example, if you accidentally hit “A” instead of “S”, it will learn and adjust to you.

These improvements, along with extended battery-life, the “Knock Code” unlocking system, and ram increase to 3GB, should make it a strong competitor to the Galaxy S5 which launched in April.

Shoppers in the US should see availability in early June, while South Koreans will have it by the end of this week.