Rubbermaid has come out with a new type of container for their Easy Find Lids line.

Rubbermaid’s line, Easy Find Lids, now has a glass counterpart in it’s lineup. The glass containers were made for consumers who wish to streamline the cooking process. Amanda Sloan, the brand manager for Rubbermaid, stated “Consumers are preparing more meals at home and are seeking food storage solutions that make it easier to cook, serve, store and reheat foods all in the same container…We’ve answered that call with Rubbermaid Glass with Easy Find Lids—a smart solution for keeping containers organized, while providing all the flexibility that glass offers.”

The Easy Find Lids line is known for having lids that attach to the bottom of the container as well as having the containers stack inside each other, making it easier to store containers in places that may be limited in storage room. Consumers familiar with the Easy Find Lids line will find that they stack up well with their plastic counterparts.

However, the new Rubbermaid Glass container will have more flexibility than it’s plastic counterparts, partly because the Glass container would be able to withstand temperatures of  up to 425 degrees, essentially making it oven safe. The containers would also be dishwasher safe as well as freezer safe, and safe to use in the microwave as well.

The containers will be available in many sizes, ranging from 1 cup to 11.5 cups and the retail price would start at $5.99 and go to $23.00 for the eight-piece set. The new line is available for purchase at Walmart, Target, and other retail stores.