Google has just put a new algorithm design into effect that will change how they rank websites on their search engine.

The changes will target websites that copy content from other websites to place on their own, a process known as content farming.

These site owners would use copied content and multimedia to make their websites appear higher in Google’s search engine ranking. The algorithm changes will prevent low quality sites that employ these techniques from acquiring top ranking.

They aim to sift out the websites that are considered “low quality” and “not useful.”

Many users have criticized these websites that usually appeared in the first several listings on the search engine results page, and Google has been criticized as well for not putting a stop to the growing trend.

Google now states that approximately 11.8 percent of websites have experienced a ranking drop, and all of those sites were deemed low quality. Websites with original, useful content are simultaneously rising in the rankings.

Even as Google is taking action against these websites, there are those that would still criticize Google by stating that they have no right to decide what websites are quality and what websites are not.