The new iPad’s screen has been put under a microscope, literally, and compared side by side with an iPad 2 screen.

The results are quite remarkable, as seen in the photo below. Side-by-side, the size and count of the pixels and the increased color definition is readily apparent.

The screens were put under the microscope and magnified 80 times by Lukas Mathias who then posted them on He also took magnified photos iPad-2-new-iPad-compared-screensof an iPhone 4S, which actually has slightly higher resolution, along with photos of the Kindle Fire, the BlackBerry PlayBook, the Google Nexus One, the Nintendo 3DS, the HP TouchPad, and other tablets and phones.

Apple markets the new iPad as having a “Retina Display,” which is a marketing term not a technical one. It has a pixel resolution of 2048 x 1536, compared to the iPad 2s resolution of 1024 by 768.

More photos of magnified screens from various devices can be seen at IgnoreTheCode.