Every day, thousands of kids surf the net looking for games, friends, and help with homework. Even with parental controls, keeping harmful or inappropriate information away from kids isn’t always possible. Parents must constantly monitor their kids’ internet activity to be sure of what they are seeing. For the first time, though, a kid-safe Buddy Browser has been introduced that is designed to help parents protect their kids even more.

Buddy Browser allows parental controls on top of the integrated content control that already exists within the browser itself. Parents can choose to allow their kids to surf the net through any browser or only through the Buddy Browser through a type of switch that keeps kids off other browsers.

According to the folks at Buddy Browser, kids can instant message their friends and even join their own kids social network. The social network has a FaceBook feel. Kids can send a message, much like an email, to their friends within the network as well.

Channels help kids find exactly what they’re looking for without having to use a search engine. Kids and parents can select a specific category and the Buddy Browser shows a list of websites related to the category. It even has a “My Favorites” category for kids’ favorite websites.

The Buddy Browser has learning centers that point kids and parents to kid-safe websites for help with homework. Many of the games are educational to help kids learn as they play. Kids can even earn rewards for playing games and completing certain tasks.

While no browser can fully protect kids from online preditors, the Buddy Browser gives parents an option that takes online security to a different level. Buddy Browser is available for free with kid-safe ads or for a small fee with no ads from buddybrowser.com.