A new new Mass Effect game is in the works.

After the announcement of the tragic news of BioWare founders Greg Zeschuk and Ray Muzyka retiring from the company, Studio general manager Aaryn Flynn announced that the team at Bioware is moving forward on the development of the brand new game.

In his blog post Flynn writes:

” While Casey continues to oversee the development of our new Mass Effect project, he and his leads are putting together their vision for an all new game set in a fictional universe, built from the bottom-up with all new gaming technology.”

Regarding the new single player DLC for Mass Effect called Omega, which is due in fall, Flynn added that the Mass Effect universe is a vast and it’s more of a question as to where to lead the story and what it should be based on.

In a bid to connect with the fans, Flynn has put out a call asking them to help provide a direction for the Mass Effect series.

This seems to be a good move on part of Bioware, as the developers suffered through a lot of criticism about the ending of the Mass Effect trilogy in Mass Effect 3. No details or solid hints were revealed about the new game in development.

What should be the next Mass Effect all about? Share your views and let’s make a conversation out of it in the comments section below.