“Need For Speed” Rebooted – Here’s The Trailer

Yesterday we saw a teaser image of the new Need for Speed. Today it was officially unveiled as a reboot.

The new game will be titled simply “Need for Speed” and is being called a “full reboot” by EA.

The Need for Speed YouTube released a short teaser video of the new game today. It depicted a street race through an urban environment while police cars tailed the racers.

EA promises that this game will return to the roots of the series with “deep customization, authentic urban car culture, a nocturnal open world, and an immersive narrative that pulls you through the game.”

Ghost Games, the developers behind Need for Speed Rivals, is returning to develop this game.

Executive producer of Ghost Games, Marcus Nilsson says “Need for Speed is one of the most iconic names in gaming, and we’re returning it to greatness in this reboot. Pulling on our 20 years of history and then taking a year out from releasing a game, we are making the game we’ve always wanted to. We’re listening to the fans and delivering an experience that will capture their imagination and unleash their passion for cars and speed.”

Ghost Games is looking to EA’s community of car enthusiasts, Speedhunters, for guidance on car culture.

Watch the teaser video below and let us know your opinion on it in the comments!

Consumer Expert Kesten Harris

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