New Report: Fatty Fish Acid May Prevent Arthritis

New Report: Fatty Fish Acid May Prevent Arthritis

A new study has been released in Sweden which details a survey taken in 1980 by 32,000 women and another taken a decade later.

The results?

Fatty fish may help prevent the progression of rheumatoid Arthritis. Apparently, the healthy fat in fish (Omega-3) could help prevent this particular type of Arthritis from appearing and can also help with the side effects of having this peculiar type of Arthritis.

The study, published in the Annals of Rheumatic Diseases, suggests that a good dose of these fish twice a week could show preventative signs in this type of arthritis against women in general.

The study doesn’t have any results for men in other types of arthritis though, which is kind of unlucky for us dudes out there looking for some good health tips.

It’s a great breakthrough for the medical society, mainly because it helps us understand the importance of this particular fatty acid in fish much clearer. But it also helps those suffering this arthritis which have been taking harmful prescription painkillers to numb off the arthritis pain.

The researchers are stressing however that one should only eat fish in moderation. Too much of the O-3 acid can be harmful to your system, and the researchers think twice a week with a good sized meal is the perfect measurement to ingest.

Taking O-3 supplements didn’t have any sign of effect in the study, mainly because in Sweden there’s so few who were taking these supplements during 1980 that it wouldn’t make sense to record this into the variable of the study.

One thing’s for sure, you can bet there will be a lot more people going to their local fish market after reading this study and article.

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