Today, The CW Network has announced a new series starring DC comics superheroine Vixen.

This series will take place in the same universe as The CW’s other hit shows, Arrow and The Flash. They will all be sharing the same continuity and use the same design cues from their live-action counterparts. No cast has been announced yet, and it is not known if Stephen Amell or Grant Gustin will reprise their respective roles as Green Arrow or Flash.

The series appears to be designed by Phil Bourassa, who is best known for his work on the animated series Young Justice and several of DC’s current line of animated movies.

In the comics, Vixen is a superheroine whose real identity is Mari Jiwe McCabe. Hailing from the fictional country of Zambesi in Africa, she has the power to mimic the features and abilities of several animals, as well as sharp claws and enhanced healing. These were provided by the Tantu Totem, which was created by Anansi the Spider and passed down McCabe’s family line.

Vixen has been previously featured in other animated series such as Justice League Unlimited and Batman: The Brave and the Bold, as well as several video games.

The animated series will be featured on The CW’s CW Seed streaming program, used for online miniseries and other entertainment. The projected release date for the series is sometime in Fall 2015.