iOS 6 will land on iPhones in a few days and it will not include a new version of the YouTube app. Google made sure that this will not be a problem by launching the new version of the update right now.

It is currently available for free on the iTunes app store.

There are various upgrades that can be mentioned, but the one that will be enjoyed by users is the fact that thousands of extra videos are now playable through the new iOS app. Such a feature is now available thanks to advertising. In the previous version that was not allowed. In addition, the new app includes a very easy way to browse through various channels that you have a subscription for and you can also browse videos much faster. New sharing options are included for Google Plus and Facebook.

This new app allows people to find music videos by major labels thanks to advertising support. YouTube platform partnerships global director, Francisco Varela, declared about the lack of advertising in the past:

“Over the years that resulted in a more limited experience for our users, and lots of frustration. We’re going to get rid of that. You’re now going to be able to watch your Lady Gaga video on your phone.”

The developers behind the new YouTube app are hinting that a new version will also be created for the iPad. In addition, YouTube will want to make TV shows and movies available for purchase through the Google Play store. The only problem is that Apple is not including the new YouTube apps in the iOS upgrades. This means that users will have to download it themselves.