Welcome to the Consumer Press Newsroom!

Here you can chat with your fellow journalists, ask questions, and contribute story ideas that you want to pass along to others. More details below!

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The Newsroom is for chat, questions, and to hang out with your fellow writers.

Feel free to ask for help on story ideas, research, grammar questions, seo, titles, etc.

We are building a community here. So don’t wait for me to answer/comment on everything. We have a lot of writers now with awesome knowledge and experience – please help each other out.

You can leave this page open in a browser tab throughout the day if you would like. You will hear a gentle click sound when a new comment has been posted. Don’t hesitate to mute it if the sound is interrupting your writing (just click on the ‘sound’ link to mute it).

As always, you are welcome to email me for more personal/involved things. This is just an additional tool and a way for everyone to communicate as a group.

Story Ideas

Here you can also include anything that you see that might make a good story for our site that you want to pass along to others.

I’ll be adding story ideas that I have as well, along with possible angles.

The story ideas generated here are just to get your started though. Often stories will take another track as you start investigating them, and that’s great!

Do remember that we want to put a consumer angle on our stories. Often you can take a mainstream story and ask “what would a consumer want to know?”, “what are consumers looking up online?”, or “what do shoppers or fans of this product want to know?” We want to answer those questions.

Other sources for story ideas include consumer alerts, press releases, advertisements and commercials, things you see on TV, scams (or potential scams (check your junk mail)), other consumer sites, fan/hobby sites, forums, store sites, and of course, personal experience. You can also set up Google Alerts on the topics you are interested in.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to see something on a news site and then write about it – you can come up with your own stories based on current consumer events and your investigations. We are bombarded by consumerism every day – there are lots of stories available. Don’t rely on the story ideas here as your only source.

I do encourage you to find and develop your expert niches. As you write on a topic regularly, you will come to know your readers, the players, and the hot-button issues in that niche. Then you’ll have plenty of story ideas of your own because you are on top of your topic(s). The more you know about your topic, the easier it is to write great quality stories about it.

We don’t “save” stories for particular writers, but if someone is writing on a topic consistently, it is good to avoid repeating their exact efforts or duplicating their angle when you can. We will get some repeats, and that’s ok… even good… but I’ll save that discussion for another day! Let’s just note that major media cover stories with multiple articles all the time. We can to. Each story will be entered and ranked in the major search engines for different keyword combinations and are unlikely to directly compete against each other side by side. And if they do, may the best title win.

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• Google Shopping – handy for price comparisons… is that ‘great deal’ really a great deal? Find out here.
• Google Trends – what are people searching for right now?
• Wikipedia – great for background research, sometimes up to date with facts on current events
• Amazon Best Sellers – what people are buying – note the tabs with ‘hot new releases’, ‘movers & shakers, etc. Lots of good, very current, reference info here.
• Page Monitor – handy tool for Chrome browsers, let’s you monitor blogs, product pages, etc, and alerts you to changes.
• More resources – from the Training Center.

…more coming soon!