NFL 2011 Free Agents Begin Signing Up – Latest News

Football fans across the country rejoiced a few days ago to hear that the players and coaches had finally reached an agreement and that football would be coming back this fall.  With that in the past, the next step is dealing with free agency.  This year there are a record setting 561 free agents.  That’s almost 17 per team.

There was some big news about some very big name players yesterday.  The New York Jets opted to keep star wide receiver Santonio Holmes for five years and $50 million.  This takes a lot of salary cap room away from the Jets and could force the team to do some interesting things with their remaining room, especially with interest in both Braylon Edwards and Nnamdi Asomugha.

Veteran quarterback Donovan McNabb (formerly of the Philadelphia Eagles) was traded from the Washington Redskins to the Minnesota Vikings.  McNabb had one of his worst seasons ever last year, throwing more interceptions than touchdowns in his only season in Washington.

Seahawk’s quarterback Matt Hasselbeck is close to signing a deal with the Tennessee Titans.  Hasselbeck led the underdog Seahawks to the playoffs last year and to the surprise of the sports watching community, they made it to the second round.

Rounding out the big stories of the day, Kevin Kobb, back up quarterback to Philly’s Michael Vick, is being traded to the Cardinals.  Kobb had a brief shot at starting which was ruined by one bad game and the arrival of Michael Vick on the scene.

There are still hundreds of free agents still without teams to play for but there are still a few more days to go of free agency and a lot could change in a few days.