It was barely a game last night, as the NY Giants marched into FedEx Field and destroyed the Washington Redskins 45-14.

The Redskins were seen as the favorite by many, but that quickly changed thanks to some of the worst playing we’ve seen so far this year.

QB Kirk Cousins seems to be jinxed when it comes to playing the Giants, as he threw 4 interceptions, 3 of which came in the 3rd quarter.

Those who thought Cousins might actually be a better choice at QB over RG III may want to think again: forget about throwing 3 interceptions in a quarter, RG II has never thrown 3 in a game.

The Redskins also got hit for penalties twice when the Giants were going for the extra point after a touchdown, a whole new category of embarrassing.

They are now 0-8 against NFC East  teams in the past year.

The Giants, meanwhile, keep looking better and better.

QB Eli Manning rushed for a touchdown and tight end Larry Donnell had 3 touchdowns in the 1st half, something that hasn’t been done by a Giant’s tight end since 1962 according to the broadcasters.

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Did you watch the game?  What do you think was the best/worst moments?  Share your opinion below.