NFL ticket prices are on the rise, especially for successful teams and those with new stadiums.

According to CNN Money, the average price of an NFL ticket rose by 4.5% during the 2010-2011 season. Some teams, such as those who are building or playing in new facilities or are playing particularly well, have increased the ticket price by as much as 264%.

To keep the higher prices from alienating fans and leading to drastic drops in attendance, many teams have developed ways to keep their ticket-holders happy and keep them coming back for more. Coupons for free concession goods, merchandise, and other incentives are being used by many teams. The San Diego Chargers have a “free towel day” during one of their home games, and this is one of the most popular days to see them play at Qualcomm Stadium.

Season tickets, while expensive, have also changed to help make people feel a little less pinch in the pocketbook as well. Some come with a coupon book that entitles the ticket holder to a certain amount of free drinks or snacks, or a waiver so they don’t have to pay for parking during certain games.