Cesar Mercado

Cesar Mercado, the consul of Nicaragua in New York, was found Thursday in his Bronx apartment with his throat slashed. Police Deputy Commissioner Paul Browne said a knife was found at the scene, but it was too early to determine if the death was a murder or suicide. The investigation would lead to more evidence as to whether his life was taken by himself or another.

Mercado’s body was discovered by his driver at 10:30 am. The driver had been picking him up for a meeting. He was scheduled to meet with the Nicaraguan delegation to the United Nations General Assembly.

Danilo Rosales Diaz, Minister Consular, Deputy Permanent Representative of Nicaragua to the U.S. said there was no clue as to a reason behind the horrible act. He said the news was a shock to all, given that the consul had been there the day before, working as usual. Rosales stressed that the forensics evidence would lead to a story that explained the murder.

Mercado had lived in the U.S. and been a consul for eight years, according to Rosales.