Baseball fans get out your tissues: In honor of Derek Jeter’s final season and all star appearance, Nike has released a touching tribute commercial that will debut during tomorrow night’s game.

The ad, aptly titled “Re2pect”,  features celebrities, athletes and some of New York City’s finest tipping their hats to the future hall-of famer in the ultimate display of respect for one of the gamest classiest players.

Jeter is one of Nike’s longest sponsored athletes and is considered by many to be the face of their Jordan Brand, so it is only fitting they send him off with such an epic commercial.

The list of those appearing is quite impressive and shows just how universally respected and admired he is, even by his rivals.

Some of the celebrities that appear are: Michael Jordan, Jay Z, Phil Jackson, Billy Crystal, Carmelo Anthony  and  many more, including rival Red Sox player and Mr. Met himself.

Jeter’s former teammates, Mariano Rivera, Jorge Pasada and Andy Pettite, who all came up with him and were collectively known as the “Core 4”, are also in the video, as is former manager Joe Torre.

Jeter has spent 20 years in the big leagues and all of them were as shortstop for the New York Yankees.

It is a rarity in today’s me-me-me-environment to see an athlete start and end their career with the same team like Jeter did and speaks volumes about the type of player and man he is.

In an era where many of his fellow players tainted the game due to their rampant steroid use Jeter remained one of the few clean players and bright lights of the sport-a true role model for kids everywhere.

He always conducted himself with class on and off the field and it has been an honor to watch the “kid from Kalamazoo” play all these years.

The commercial will make it’s television debut during Tuesday night’s 85th annual all-star game, but you can watch it now in the viewer below.  Leave a comment and tell us what you think.