The ninth and final suspect in the brutal anti-gay attacks in New York City will be arraigned on Tuesday.

Ruddy Vargas-Perez was taken into custody on Monday afternoon and will face a judge on Tuesday regarding possible bail. Of the previous eight suspects to be arraigned, 6 were held with no bail, and 2 were released on $100,000.

Benjamin Heinrich, attorney for Vargas-Perez, stated that his client was in no way a part of the attacks and that in fact his client was appalled by what had allegedly taken place that day.

The charges against Vargas-Perez and the other eight suspects stem from a series of attacks committed on October 3rd. There were three victims that were each taken to a vacant apartment and held against their will. Each of the victims was beaten or otherwise hurt, and two of the victims were sodomized during the time they were held. A fourth suspect was beaten and robbed in his home.

The suspects are all allegedly members of a gang and the attacks were a reaction to discovering a pledge to the gang had engaged in a homosexual encounter.

The Hate Crimes Task Force, Bronx Gang Division, and the Bronx Special Victims Squad, have all worked together to identify and locate the suspects.

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg described the events that transpired as torture and expressed how sickened he was by the attacks.