Nissan’s Electric Car Can Now Power Houses

Nissan is planning to unveil an electric car which can also power up a home for up to two days.

The Nissan Leaf can already runs for 70 miles on a single charge. But researchers have now found a way for any left over charge to be directed into a house.

The trials, which  have been called “Leaf to Home” will take place in Japan. And with the Japanese having a recent electricity supply problem following the earthquake and tsunami, it is an excellent source for back-up power.

Nissan believes the electricty stored in the Leaf’s lithium-ion battery can to be fed back into a home, running major appliances for up to two days.

The “Leaf to Home” system simply allows for a quick charging port to be mounted on the home’s electricity distribution panel to receive energy from the car.

Those 24 kilowatt hours stored in a fully energized Leaf can run the average Japanese household for two days, even when the refrigerator, climate control, and other large appliances are running at the same time, according to the company

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