Sbox Live points with money attached to itYesterday (09/08/13) Microsoft revealed, in a newsletter sent to its customers, that they will soon be accepting actual currency on their Xbox Live network.

The change is set to take effect following the next xbox live update, after which customers will, or should, be able to use their local currency when purchase any content (games, movies, movies, apps)  available on Live.

Subsequently, Microsoft’s previous (and confusing) payment system, Xbox Live Points, is to be retired and all previously purchased points will automatically be converted into actual currency.

What if I have no credit card?

Microsoft also mentioned that current (and future) customers will be able to purchase “Xbox Gift Cards” (in local currency) for use on their account.

These cards will be available for purchase through Microsoft online retail portal ( ) or, from local retail stores beginning late 2013 (after the update).

Supported Currencies

No mention was made as to what currencies are to be supported but, one can assume that faithful three (the U.S. dollar, the British pound and the C.A. dollar ) will be included.

Let us hope Microsoft remembers that, in fact, there are gamers who live outside of these three nations (Yes it’s not a myth) and, that they also, are looking forward to support after the change takes place.

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