No Reviews On ‘The Crew’ Until After Launch

Ubisoft has confirmed that The Crew will not have any pre-release reviews. This means that the media will not be able to release their reviews for some time after launch, and shoppers who wish to purchase at launch will not be able to read reviews first.

Ubisoft’s justification is that the game cannot be fully experienced without other players in the world.

“The Crew was built from the beginning to be a living playground full of driving fans, so it’s only possible to assess our game in its entirety with other real players in the world” Ubisoft has stated.

“And by other, we mean thousands and thousands and thousands of players – something that can’t be simulated with a handful of devs playing alongside the press”

While this does seem reasonable, it still sets a worrying precedent. No pre-release reviews means many people will be going in blind if they wish to purchase the game at launch.

The media will have access to The Crew at launch, on December 2nd, which means they will not be able to start writing their reviews until then.

It seems a perfectly helpful review could still be made assessing the game mechanics, graphics, and so forth without thousands of other players, and so Ubisoft not allowing pre-release reviews seems only to hurt shoppers.

With Ubisoft having recently placed a review embargo on Assassins Creed Unity, we can only hope that other developers don’t start following their lead by restricting reviews.

Do you plan to buy The Crew at launch, or wait for reviews? Comment below, and share this article with your friends!

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