Nokia has broken free from their usual phone design concept and made something really eye catching. The new Nokia N9 is now flashing in the top of all the tech blogs and all the previews till now are positive. This is something rarely seen in for a Nokia device.

The phone does not have any physical QWERTY keyboard, which was rumored about this phone for months. Rather it is a completely buttonless phone except the volume rocker and camera key. This is the first Meego OS phone from Nokia, though everyone knows that Meego is going to be abandoned by Nokia. This phone looks amazing from the outside and the interface is also polished. But the fact is there will be few apps for this device as no developers will be interested to develop apps for a soon-to-be-abandoned platform.

This phone has a 3.9-inch AMOLED display and colorful back covers. It runs by a 1GHz processor which is supported by 1GB of RAM to ensure its amazing multitasking ability. As the ad says, it is not the 8 megapixel which matters, “it’s the Zeiss that counts!” The onboard memories will be 32GB and 64GB in two models. Sliding from the edge of the screen is one of the main attractions of this interface.

Till now there is no information available about the price or availability of Nokia N9. But as the preparation looks, it is not far from a release date. Rumors are swirling about a fall release, likely in Europe, before coming to the US. Again, in the rumor category, is the price, which is said to possible be about $677 (USD).

—update, 6/23/11–

Onethreealpha, an avid supporter and tester of Meego over at, disputes the statement that Nokia will abandon Meego. In an email to Sure Start News, she said “Whilst Meego has been given a ‘back seat’ by Nokia CEO Stephen Elop, in favour of Microsoft’s mobile OS, Nokia is still committed to retain the platform for ‘future disruptions’.”  – editor