Nokia is going to announce a price drop in most of their smartphone models all over Europe in another attempt to increase their falling sales. This price drop is mainly for the high end phones from Nokia.

According to Reuters, Nokia’s present flagship smartphone, the Nokia N8, will have a price drop of 15%, according to an insider. This same percentage will be applied to the multimedia focused Nokia C7 and business phone E6 also. The other models will also have some price drop, but this is mainly applicable to the high end Nokia phones.

If looked individually, this isn’t a major cut in the price of any particular phone model. But all put together, this is one of the biggest price cuts in the history of Nokia. According to an employee of a European telecom operator, “There are no very big cuts per model, but the scale — across the portfolio — is unseen for a very, very long time.”

Nokia has not made a big deal of the huge price drop. They termed this price drop as a usual business event. Before the release of Windows Phone 7 phones, Nokia is taking some really unusual steps in the market, which appear to have the company going in the wrong direction. Not marketing N9 in the US, UK and main Western European countries is one of them. Will the US see similar price cuts? Is this a smart business strategy or fall of an empire? Time will tell.