Much to the shock of people worldwide, it appears that the country of North Korea, specifically its leaders, don’t have much of a sense of humor, as they have denounced Seth Rogen’s upcoming movie The Interview, about a pair of journalists sent to North Korea to assassinate dictator Kim Jong-Un.

The Interview was written and directed by Rogen and his usual partner in crime, Evan Goldberg.  It stars Rogen and James Franco playing journalists who get a chance to travel to North Korea and interview the country’s dictator, but are then recruited by the U.S. government to go there and assassinate him instead.

It seems that the powers that be in Pyongyang are none too pleased at the plot of The Interview, as the executive director of The Center for North Korea-US Peace, who’s doing a bang-up job by the way, said that the assassination plot reeked of America’s desperation.  He also mentioned that he prefers British cinema over Hollywood films.

Of course, the Rogen-Goldberg tandem that brought us such serious films as This Is The End may not be the kind of filmmakers that North Korea’s leaders should be taking seriously.  The Interview is set to open in theaters October 10.

What do you think of North Korea denouncing The Interview?  Should Rogen and Goldberg care?  Let us know below.