NOS4A2: Review of “Christmasland”

NOS4A2: Review of “Christmasland”

Currently number 2 on Amazon’s best selling horror list is a new novel by Joe Hill, NOS4A2.

Hill, the son of Steven King,  has created a story that just might leave you with mixed feelings in regards to the famous holiday known as Christmas.

In NOS4A2, readers will come to know an evil and sinister character known as Charlie Manx. He rides down the streets in a Rolls-Royce Wraith with the idea and ‘gift” of taking children to a place known as “Christmasland”

However, there is no “magical” Christmas experience in store for any of them.

What they get is a plunge into their worst nightmare!

It is up to Vic McQueen, a victim who escaped from Manx, to stop this evil villain once and for all.

After reading the book myself, I was quite terrified of Christmas for a few days afterwards! I had to resort to reading a couple of comedy books to get rid of certain thoughts that came to mind after reading it.

Okay I don’t think that will happen to everyone who reads it. But if you are a horror book fan like me, this book will be a page turner. It does start off a little slow in the beginning, but it picks up just in time.

NOS4A2, released on April 30, 2013, has a place of the shelves of horror fans. Only problem is, after reading it, Christmas will never be looked at the same way again!

That is all I am going to say. You have to read the book to find out the rest…

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