Notability: A New Way of Taking Notes

As a third year university student, I’ve been striving to find the perfect note-taking system.  Freshman year, I handwrote most of my notes.  Sophomore year, I typed them using Google Docs.

Google Docs worked really well.  However, when I switched to taking my iPad to class, I discovered that I had syncing difficulties and my notes weren’t consistent on all of my devices: Macbook, iPad, and iPhone.

Recently, I’ve discovered Notability.

Notability is an App that allows you to take notes on any of your devices and keep them all in sync via Google Drive, iCloud, Box, or WebDAV.  From what I’ve experienced so far, it keeps them up-to-date very nicely.

My favorite part about Notability is using it on my iPad.  The App not only allows you to type notes, but you can handwrite, draw figures, highlight, and more using your finger or an electronic pen.  I absolutely love being able to draw arrows and create mind maps on my notes, and this saves a significant amount of paper.

Notability can be purchased in the computer App Store for $5.99, and the iPhone/iPad App Store for $2.99.

Consumer Expert Meg Thomson

Hi! I'm Meg Thomson. I'm a 21-year-old undergraduate. I have a passion for film and television as well as beauty and makeup, and I'm excited to be able to share news and stories with you!