Nvidia Shield available for pre-order at GameStop, NewEgg and Nvidia storeShoppers in the US can now pre-order the Nvidia Shield.

The device’s pre-orders were initially expected to begin on May 20th, but they started three days early.

The price is $349.

The official Nvidia store has listed the device’s order limit as four consoles per person.

It’s also mentioned the device will be shipped at the end of June.

Apart from the official store, Nvidia Shield can also be pre-ordered from NewEgg and GameStop, both of whom have given a June 30th shipping date for the gadget.

Other partners also mentioned by Nvidia include Canada Computers and Micro Center, but no details were listed for them.

For those who are unaware, Nvidia Shield comes with a 5-inch 720 p display, a Tegra 4 CPU, 16 GB internal SD memory, a microSD slot for memory expansion, a console-grade controller and Android Jelly Bean.

Additionally, shoppers also have the option to pre-order a carrying case for $39.99.

The device’s pre-order pages are up at Nvidia’s, GameStop and NewEgg.

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