Hackers have hit out once again, and this time via FoxNews.com’s Twitter account. About 34,000 followers received a message that President Barack Obama had passed away – and this apparently happened Independence Day. Clearly, while the rest of America was celebrating the hackers were hard at work.

The tweets announced breaking news that Obama was shot twice in Iowa while dining out at a Ross’ restaurant. These messages were posted via the FoxNews.com feed for Twitter early on July 4th. FoxNews.com has confirmed this regrettable hack. This unfortunate incident is being investigated. All this was being spewed out as Obama was spending a peaceful 4th of July holiday with his family.

According to Reuters, one tweet said “@BarackObama has just passed. The President is dead. A sad 4th of July, indeed. President Barack Obama is dead,”

Another followed, saying “@BarackObama has just passed. Nearly 45 minutes ago, he was shot twice in the lower pelvic area and in the neck; shooter unknown. Bled out.”

As the false tweets were making the rounds, TV host Keith Olbermann, an avid tweeter sent out hundreds of tweets reassuring other tweeters that the President was very fine indeed. He urged them not to spread the contagion further.

The source of these tweets remains a mystery, while vice president and general manager of Fox News Digital, Jeff Misenti announced that they would “be requesting a detailed investigation from Twitter about how this occurred, and measures to prevent future unauthorized access into [their] accounts.” Twitter has remained tight lipped about this embarrassing incident by refusing to comment.