The Bellagio casino, a storied and famous Las Vegas fixture, was robbed today by a motorcycle helmet-wearing man.

Las Vegas police have stated that they are searching for the robber.  They also reported that the man made away with approximately $1.5 million in casino chips and that the sought after individual may be the same person wanted for the Suncoast Casino robbery five days ago.

It is striking to comprehend that such a simple robbery would be possible knowing what we have seen on TV and movies with regards to the advanced and impenetrable Las Vegas casino security.  However, the police state that the crime commenced with a man parking his motorcycle at the valet station of the Bellagio around 4 AM Tuesday morning.   With his helmet still on, he walked in the building, up to a craps table, pulled out a concealed gun and demanded chips.  The petrified dealer gave the robber about $1.5 million in chips which the man promptly put in his backpack.  He then turned around and fled the casino on his motorcycle.

Not long ago on Dec. 9th, a very similar crime was perpetrated that involved a man in a motorcycle helmet walking into the Suncoast and brandishing a gun, demanding chips from the cage, and leaving.  Both men (or the man) used a black sporty motorcycle as the getaway vehicle after the crime.  Police strongly believe it is a serial robber at work.

The Suncoast robbery occurred during a very busy poker tournament, at a time when security assets may have been focused elsewhere.  The Bellagio crime, however, was at a slow time of the day.  It is not known at the present time if the security assets were at 100% or some other reason why they were not able to respond quicker to the crime as it was occurring.