For those that do not know, every month as a PlayStation Plus member on PlayStation Network you are rewarded with free and discounted games. Every month I will list the free and discounted games here with a brief description for each.

Free Games:

Pix the Cat: An arcade game from PastaGames, a small video game company in Paris. It basically combines elements from pacman, snake, tetris and other favorites to create a unique and addictive experience.

Spelunky: An indie game where you play a character known only as The Spelunker. The goal is, you guessed it, spelunking. Exploring as caves and tunnels to find as much treasure as possible and a damsel in distress.

Discounted Games:

In Space We Brawl: 11.99 reduced to 9.99 – This game is awesome. You face off against people in your local area in a space dogfight game. Upgrade ships, duel, cooperate or back stab the choice is yours. Warning: Very fast paced combat needing lightning reflexes.

Nidhogg: 14.99 reduced to 11.99 – A side scrolling, 2 player sword dueling game.

Sound Shapes Ultimate Bundle: 15.99 reduced to 12.79 – The original game with all additional downloadable later content (DLC). Roll a little yellow ball through intricate musical puzzles.

Styx Master of Shadows: 29.99 reduced to 26.99 – An awesome stealth role playing game (RPG) where you sneak through level after level to unlock the secrets of your past.

Driveclub: 49.99, not discounted but exclusive to PlayStation Plus members. This game looks amazing, an online competitive racing game. The only problem is currently it is having issues with the code and most people are having a hard time being able to log on or stay logged on. They said they are trying to fix it but I would hold out on this one until consistency is achieved.

Amazing Spiderman 2 Gold Edition: 49.99 reduced to 44.99. Gold Edition is only available for a limited time.

Have you picked up any of these or do you plan to?