A new biometric monitoring device, released for worldwide shoppers online this week, revolutionizes how wearable technology interacts with our bodies and our health.

Why put this technology in our clothes?

“We’ve been wearing clothes all our lives…. Clothing has always been about protection and fashion, but it will not also help motivate us to better ourselves every day,” said OmSignal CEO Stephane Marceau in the company’s blog.

The OmSignal Biometric Smartwear offers consumers a way to measure many of the vital signs already measured with wearable workout gear. It then takes it a step further by putting that technology in high performance clothing and then recommending specific actions to optimize performance.

The lightweight T shirt can be worn under clothing during the day or during a workout. While being worn, it monitors the physiological stress levels, activity level, and fitness levels based on familiar measurements such as heart rate. It then sends that information to the included app for immediate feedback.

The app is able to interpret the results and make suggestions such as breathing deeply or participating in more activity based on the optimal performance level of the individual wearing it.

App users are able to access a performance report through the app or emailed results. Users can compare their results over time or against friends using social media. While many wearable biometric monitors collect similar information, they do not offer real time performance enhancement advice based on it.

CEO Stephane Marceau says he has created a product that will help people athletically perform at their best:

“At OMsignal we’ve focused on giving consumers quality insights on performance, taking the research a step further to guide users to their peak performance.”

The biometric smartwear shirt is currently available in six combinations of colors for men only. They come in four different models of high performance compression material sized XS to XL. OmSignal plans to release women’s shirts by the end of 2014.

The shirts start at $79, which is a preorder discount from their original cost of $100. They also have a smartphone sleeve, for wearable access to their mobile app, for $29.

The OmSignal SmartShirts can be preordered on their website and are expected to ship summer 2014. Will you be buying one?