On RHOBH: The Men Take A Walk, Kyle Plays Peacemaker

On RHOBH: The Men Take A Walk, Kyle Plays Peacemaker

Episode 2 was a bit of a slow cooker for Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills. It’s purpose was to merely build the tension between the women.

But surprisingly, the women actually weren’t the main focal point of the episode, it was the men!

Taylor, a survivor of domestic abuse, asked Paul and Mauricio to take part in a charity event focused on the issue. “Walk A Mile In Her Shoes” is a charity that men travel from all over the country to partake in. The men literally walk a mile in a pair of heels, and the women stand on the sidelines cheering and laughing. Housewives fans may recall Nene Leaks shedding light on the charity years ago in Atlanta.

Kyle appears to be playing peacemaker this season, which is a fools game in the world of Bravo.

She hosted a circus themed birthday party for her youngest daughter Portia in her backyard. Kyle foolishly hoped for the women to come together at the children’s event and make emends. If all it took for the housewives to make up was a party, then this show would’ve been canceled years ago.

Lisa and Adrianne’s tension seems to be growing and growing. The more Lisa disregards the fight as something minuscule, the more angry Adrianne becomes. Lisa purposely left the party before Adrianne’s arrival to avoid any altercation. Maybe the memory of Taylor threatening to throw herself off a balcony into the ocean has steered her away from party confrontations.

Speaking of awkward tension, Brandy also played a small roll in the episode. She showed up to the party, and had a miniature panic attack from the thought of being surrounded by the ladies. Surely she can’t be the first person that’s happened too. She left early and sent Kyle an apology text.

This episode also featured the first of many cameos made by our favorite of Kelsey Grammar’s ex wives, Camille. She seemed to be her happy, jovial self.

Not to be outdone, Dana aka “Miss 25,000”, also appeared in the episode. The amazing thing about Dana is that no matter how short her actual air time is on RHOBH, she always manages to say something you won’t forget. Normally because it’s brash and overbearing, like her.

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