Once Upon A Time: Child Of The Moon, Ruby’s Story

Once Upon A Time: Child Of The Moon, Ruby’s Story

Ruby's no big bad wolf.

The Child of the Moon episode focuses on Ruby/Red Riding Hood’s (Meghan Ory) tale.

Many might think that Red’s story is cut and dry, but in Once Upon A Time, no one’s tale is as it has been told for centuries.

The curse is broken and it is the first full moon that Ruby has had to deal with for the last 28 years. Ruby is terrified that she might hurt someone since she has done it before.  The past deaths weigh so heavily on her mind she turns down a date with Billy (formerly Gus the mouse from Cinderella). Back in the kitchen, Granny (Beverly Elliot) is making a makeshift cage to keep Ruby from escaping while in wolf form.

Ruby’s apprehension about turning into a wolf brings back old Fairytale Land memories of when she and Snow were on the run from the Evil Queen. Ruby’s hood gets torn during their chase by the Queen’s soldiers, and Ruby is afraid that the tear could weaken the hood’s magical powers.

For Snow’s safety, both women separate for the night. But then Ruby is found by another wolf, Quinn (Ben Hollingsworth). Surprised to learn she is not alone Ruby follows Quinn to the wolves lair, where she finds out that her mother, Anita (Annabeth Gish) is still alive.

Ruby had been raised by her Granny and was told her parents had been killed by hunters because of their wolf side. This is why Ruby and Snow became fast friends since both women knew how it felt to be motherless. Granny tried to protect Ruby by obtaining a magic hood that keeps Ruby from turning into a wolf when the moon is full.

Ruby is upset that her Granny lied about her mother’s death, but overlooks the lie when her mother shows her the way of the wolf and how to control it.

Unfortunately, Fairytale Land is filled fewer happy endings than told in children’s books.

When Ruby doesn’t show up at their meeting spot, Snow follows the wolf tracks to find her and walks straight into the wolves’ lair. Ruby tells her mother that Snow is her friend and all is going well until those darn Queen’s soldiers show up. Those dudes ruin everything.  In the end, they end up killing poor Quinn. This infuriates Anita and she blames Snow for the death.

Anita announces that the wolves will feast on a Princess that night. Ruby’s face looks incredulous when Anita tells her she will be the one to kill Snow. Ruby refuses, so Anita says she will do it herself. This proclamation bring out the wolf fight and in the end Ruby saves her friend, but loses her mother (literally) when Anita is impaled.

The town is in the best of moods because the Dwarves have found some diamonds needed to crush into fairy dust, yay! This means the Blue Fairy can  make the hat work and open the portal to get Snow and Emma home.

Meanwhile, Spencer in the real world James’ loveless evil father King George (Alan Dale), is still out to torment him. Spencer blames James for the loss of his family. This is a mind boggler since James came on the scene by force and way after everything happened in King George’s life.

Spencer decides he is going to wreck James’ life ( as if losing his wife and daughter so soon after rediscovering them is not bad enough) by sabotaging his leadership in Storybrooke. Spencer uses Ruby’s fear and wolf side against her and James.

Spencer frames Ruby for the death of Billy, and then goes on to entice the towns folk to hunt Ruby down, claiming she is a dangerous monster. Spencer claims that James is protecting his friend and disregarding the danger to the towns people.

Alas, good will prevail as James figures everything out and exposes Spencer’s evil intentions to the townsfolk. But Spencer has one more trick up his sleeve, as Ruby and James find him in front of a bonfire. Spencer has the hat needed to get Emma and Snow back… and throws it into the fire.

In other Storybrooke happenings, James asks Regina to watch over Henry while he is out doing his Sheriff thing. Henry has the same horrible dream he had the night before. Regina decides she is going to call in Gold to help when she discovers a burn on henry’s hand.

Henry seems to have a calming effect on even the most evil in Storybrooke, and Gold concocts a medallion, which would help Henry get control over the sleep curse effects. Regina is suspicious of Gold’s help, but he says the help is for Henry. It would have been a different story if it had been for Regina.

Fans get a small glimpse at what is happening in Fairytale Land when Aurora is awakened by the same nightmare. Though this time something unexpected happens. As Snow and Emma run over to comfort her, Aurora gives them a bombshell. The person at the other end of the room spoke to her and his name was… Henry.

It makes one wonder if Henry will be the key to getting Snow and Emma back? Are the dreams a portal in themselves? Hopefully next weeks episode will answer more question and most likely tell another’s tale.

Season 1 and 2 can be viewed on iTunes and Amazon Instant Video. Season one is available on DVD at Walmart, Target, and other major retailers.

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