Once Upon A Time – Episode 14 – “Manhattan”

Once Upon A Time – Episode 14 – “Manhattan”

From Rumpelstiltskin to Mr. Gold. Will he find Bae?

It has been a while since Once Upon A Time fans have had a big OMG moment.

Episode 14 has proven its OMG-worthiness with the storyline of Mr. Gold and search for his son-Bae.

In episodes past, Gold created a potion he put on a scarf so he can leave Storybrooke without losing his memory. Gold called in his favor with Emma to fulfill the deal she made with him at the beginning of the series.

Episode 14 tells the backstory of Gold before he became the bitter and despised man of Fairytale Land and the present world. OUAT fans know that Gold, aka Rumpelstiltskin, was labeled a coward after he injured himself to get out of going to the front lines in the Ogre wars.

The missing piece of the puzzle comes when, in a flashback, Rumpelstiltskin is put in charge of guarding a seer. The seer informs Rumpelstiltskin that his actions the following day will leave his son fatherless.

Rumpelstiltskin scoffs at the seer’s vision until it is announced that he will be heading to fight the Ogre’s by morning.

Refusing to abandon his son, as he felt his father abandoned him, Rumpelstiltskin smashes his leg with a sledge hammer to get out of fighting. Ouch! This action alone will carry many consequences for his future, but at least he didn’t die in battle.

Back in the present day, Emma, Gold, and Henry are in Manhattan, NY, and they have found the apartment of Gold’s son. Emma buzzes the apartment and announces that she is delivering a package.

The apartment’s resident doesn’t seem to want to talk, as Emma notices him using the fire escape for his get-a-way. Gold tells Emma that repaying her favor starts with her catching the man who may be his son and getting him to speak to Gold.

The chase begins, and Emma is determined to get her man, and she does.

Emma isn’t sure she should believe her eyes when she see who it is she has found. Drum roll, please!

It’s Niel-aka-Baelfire-aka Bae, the father of her son.

But wait? If Neil is Gold’s son and Henry’s father, then that means (gasp) – Gold is related to Henry as his grandfather! OMG!

While fans chew on that, back in Storybrooke there is more trouble brewing. Yes, brewing because two conniving witches along with Hook are trying to find out where Gold has hidden the Dark One’s dagger in order to control the Dark One.

Cora has convinced Regina that by controlling the Dark One they could have him kill Snow, Prince charming, and Emma. After all, Henry will blame the Dark One for killing his loved ones. Cora explains Henry will turn to her for comfort since there will be no one else to turn to.

Regina goes to Belle to get any information out of her, but alas, Belle’s memory is totally gone.

Impatient, Regina uses magic to make Belle fall asleep and then float Belle’s things out of her bag.

Big mistake, out of sight, Greg (the outsider) has filmed Regina using magic. This only cements what he feels he saw during his accidents. This can’t be good for anyone.

Back in Manhattan, Emma tries to hide the fact that Henry exists from Henry, but it doesn’t work. Gold, insisting he speak to his son, breaks into his apartment. Searching the apartment, Emma notices Neil still has the dreamcatcher he once got her. When Gold notices how attached Emma is to the item, he knows she is holding something back.

Gold rages against Emma, asking her to tell him what she knows. She continues to deny knowing anything. Not wanting to fight in front of Henry, she sends him to the bathroom. Gold continues to threaten Emma for breaking her deal. Then Neil bursts in the room.

Gold forgets his anger with Emma until he realizes that Neil did not come back for him, but Emma. The realization dawns on him that Neil and Emma know each other.

A shouting match begins, causing Henry to rush out the bathroom calling out, “mom”. Neil is caught by surprise, as is Gold, but both men have their suspicions as to “who” Henry is. Emma finally admits that Neil is the father.

To sum it up…

Gold gets to speak with Bae, but does not quite receive the reception he hoped for. Plus Gold realizes that the boy from the seer’s vision, who is supposed to be his undoing and he vowed to kill, is actually his grandson! Yikes.

Hook continues to get the short end of the stick when Regina and Cora take the map which tells where the Dark One’s dagger is.

Who is going to stop the stranger from out of town from spilling Storybrooke’s secret?

How will Henry be Gold’s undoing?

That’s left for another day.

Once Upon A Time season 1 can be streamed on Netflix. Season 1 and 2 is available on Amazon Instant Video and iTunes.

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