Magic is coming. Are you ready?

Continue immersing yourself into the dark side of fairy tales this fall. The second season of Once Upon A Time premiers on ABC, Sunday September 30th at 8/7 Central.

It’s the battle of good and evil we have all been waiting for since the finale of season one.

The curse  has been broken, Emma Swann (Jennifer Morrison), our kick-butt protagonist is heading in with wide-eyes open (literally, Jennifer Morrison has the biggest eyes I have ever seen). Emma is stuck in a world where knowing who to trust can be the thing that can win or lose the battle between good and evil. What’s different from season one? Let there be magic.

This is not your ordinary fairy tale, “your happy ending.” And it’s certainly not like any fairy tale that your parents gave you.

Regina, the Evil Queen/Regina ( Lana Parilla) and Mr. Gold/ Rumpelstilskin (Robert Carlyle) have an agenda of their own. Though this time Emma is not alone in her fight to take back the fairy tale kingdom of Snow White and Prince Charming, who are her parents. Now she has the backing of favorite characters such as Jimminy Cricket/Archie Hopper (Raphael Sbarge),Red Riding Hood/Ruby (Meghan Ory), and the seven dwarfs. There will be newcomers to the cast such as, Sir Lancelot (Sinqua Walls), Mulan (Jamie Chung), and Princess Aurora (Sarah Bolger), as well as bad guy Hook (Colin O’Donoghue).

The question is, what role will these newcomers play in the fight for good or evil? Now that everyone in town knows who they are from the fairy tales, and with the availability of magic, nothing will ever be the same in the small town of Storybrooke, Maine.  Season 1 of Once Upon A Time is available on Amazon Instant Video.

Did you love Once Upon A Time season 1? What are your predictions for season 2? Leave your comments below!