One Direction ‘This Is Us’ Review

One Direction ‘This Is Us’ Review

I attended a screening of This Is Us, not to write a review, but to quench my daughters’ thirst for all things 1D. My house is filled with posters, Cd’s, magazines, pillow cases, backpacks and even One Direction dolls.

I was not really a fan of the band. I figured they were another fly by night obsession and they would be over it soon enough. Still, I took my kids and a few of their friends to a special advanced screening of the film. I was in for a surprise. The screening was filled with countless pre-teen and teenage girls dressed in 1D shirts, carrying handmade posters and even holding their dolls (mine included). I prepared myself to tolerate the next 90 minutes for the girls’ sake.

To review this movie truthfully, you need to understand the affect this band has on these girls. There was so much excitement in the theater before the lights even dimmed.

The movie opens with the 1D boys doing a PSA about bullying. At least I think it was about bullying. The cacophony of shrieks that let out as soon as the boys appeared on screen was deafening. The screams, shrieks and tears continued for the entire 3D experience. It was like being at a concert and backstage at the same time.

This Is Us tells a story of how five talented teenagers unknown not only to us, but to each other, were brought together by fate, luck and well, Simon Cowell to change the lives of teenage girls everywhere.  Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson tell their own story in their own words. These young men are grateful and excited about their great fortune and at the same time sometimes overwhelmed.

As they discuss all that’s happened to them, the disbelief and wonder on their faces only makes them more endearing. We get to hear from different people in their professional lives from Simon Cowell to the security guards whose thankless job it is to corral five mischievous boys who just want to have fun sometimes.

Then we get to see the boys return to their hometowns, interact with their families and revisit their old jobs. There are hysterically funny moments when the boys are being chased by security, who are attempting to get them onstage on time. All the while, the boys try to make getaways on skateboards and golf carts.

There are some very sentimental moments like when Liam’s father realizes his son has already seen so much more of the world than he has and he wonders what he has left to teach him or when Harry’s mom stares wistfully at her son’s empty bed and says he went to an audition two years ago and has only been home twice since.

As a mom those moments broke my heart a little. Make no mistake their parents are super proud of their children’s success. It’s very amusing to see the moms shopping in a souvenir shop buying life-sized cut-outs of their own children.

Intermingled with all the funny or sentimental stories and interviews, there is amazing 3D concert footage of all the songs their fans know and love.

All in all, it’s actually a great movie that leaves you feeling inspired and believing that dreams sometimes come true.

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