Myst, the most successful and recognizable adventure game of the 90’s, has been picked up by Legendary Pictures for a TV series.

Variety has reported that Legendary TV & Digital Media will produce the project.

It will be working directly with Cyan Worlds as well as Rand and Robyn Miller – the brothers responsible for creating the Myst video game series.

Little else is known about the planned TV series, except that there are plans to create a companion video game that aims to provide a ‘transmedia’ franchise.

The original Myst follows the story of the Stranger, who is whisked to the isle of Myst and encounters two trapped brothers.

Each pleads to be released; each insists that the other cannot be trusted.

The Stranger must then travel between the Ages using a magical Linking Book to unlock the mysteries of the island.

Only then will the Stranger discover which brother is telling the truth – if they are telling the truth at all.

Legendary TV & Digital Media is the small-screen division of Legendary Pictures, which is currently producing the Warcraft movie (slated for 2016) and the Dead Rising movie (release to be announced).

You can also buy Myst for iOS and Steam, with their respective links available on Cyan’s Myst page.

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