Tonight was a game changer on the newest reality series from Syfy, Opposite Worlds.

This interactive reality show pits two teams  against each other.

One, Team Chronos,  lives in luxurious futuristic accommodations.

The other, Team Epoch, is banished to the primitive past.

This week was the midpoint of the show and definitely a game changer.

For the first time Team Epoch was able to enjoy the spoils of victory which included being able to change worlds. Not only that they were also given the chance to even up the teams and take one of the strongest players from Team Chronos.  The former cave dwellers quickly adapted to their comfortable new home.

On the other hand Team Chronos, the former future dwellers had to move to the past for the first time. This did not go as well as they had to learn how to start and cook over an open fire.

One aspect of Opposite Worlds that helps it stand out from other reality competitions is how it encourages viewers to interact with the show. Fans who wish to have their voice heard can tweet about that their favorite and least favorite players using the hashtag: OppositeWorlds.

The show then uses the tweets to determine the popularity of the players.

The show’s popularity index is an important factor as it helps determine who will be rewarded and punished during the show.

Tomorrow night at 8 Eastern, the show will eliminate another player.

Fans can be a part of this decision by casting their votes on the show’s page on Syfy’s website.