Wednesday night another contestant went home from the new SyFy reality series Opposite Worlds.

This week’s elimination show had a different feeling to it.

It began with Frank, a former member of Team Chronos, trying to figure out both team’s strategies.

Before any questions were answered or decisions made, Jeffry was brought out of solitary confinement by Team Chronos.

He was not happy to learn that his teammates had not chosen to protect him this week.

Prior to any decisions or competitions, the teams were able to mingle in an attempt to learn each other’s strategies.

The first question of the evening was answered by America. She chose JR, from Team Epoch, as the decider.

JR chose to pit teammate Steven against Danielle, from Chronos. The two faced off in the Duel of Destiny. The winner stays, the loser goes home.

The challenge consisted of the players having to move two spurs, one at a time, across a rope from the beginning to the end, and then place them on a post attached to a boot.

Danielle lost the duel and was sent home.

Fans who were not happy with this week’s results can influence what happens next week by tweeting about the show using #OppositeWorlds.