Opps! – New iPhone Fingerprint Scanner Revealed

Opps! – New iPhone Fingerprint Scanner Revealed

Recently some credible sources, namely Matthew Panzarino (on TWIT episode 414) and the the spokesman for NY Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Marc La Vorgna, have revealed that the next iteration of the iPhone will feature an inbuilt fingerprint scanner.

The new feature appears to have been accidentally revealed by the mayor’s spokesman in an effort to diffuse the recent negative press Mr. Bloomberg has been receiving due some comments  he had recently made on the current state of security in the NYC public housing complexes.

Defending the mayor, La Vorgna stated in an email reported by Politicker that  “….even the next iPhone will have fingerprint security.”

 Was this truly a slip, or a case where  a popular piece of gossip was used to quell an angry crowd?

Let us examine the evidence.

Expert  Backing 

On a recent episode of TWIT, a very popular and respected talk show (about technology), Matthew Panzarino (one of the guests), a noted technology blogger and known Apple fan, revealed that he has credible sources that can back up the claims made by the Mayor (indirectly).

A statement like this, coming from Panzarino, is very significant as he is known to have very close ties with Apple and, has been consistently correct  in his predictions about the company.

Apple’s Recent Acquisition 

Over the years Apple has clearly stated its interest in the field of biometrics and, one particular acquisition they have made in recent times has reflected just this.

On 27th of July 2012 Apple had made, what some would call, a curious purchase of a company called Authentech for 356 million dollars.

If these rumors are now to be believed, this particular purchase makes perfect sense when taken into context. Authentec made its name as a company that specialized in electronic fingerprint scanning (curious) and now, after the acquisition, the majority of their employees are working at Apple. Doing what you ask? I think we both know.

The Smartphone Summit 

Due to a recent spike in phone theft across the US, a gathering was held earlier this year to address the issue.

Attending the gathering, where they discussed ways in which the major phone makers could assist law enforcement, were representatives from Google, Microsoft, Samsung and Apple.

With a large number of these cases popping up in NYC, one of the most densely populated areas in the country, it is very possible, in fact likely, that representatives from the office of Mayor Bloomberg were in attendance.

These three things combined paint a very clear picture of what we can expect come launch.

All of this conjecture will be either confirmed, or laid to rest, after September 10th when the new iPhone is rumored be unveiled to the public.

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