American Choppers stood out as a highly successful reality TV show. It showed a family that was working hard to build custom motorcycles at their New York Based Orange County Choppers facility.

Basically this was a business that was a side project of the Paul Tuetel Sr and Jr steel works. The two were making sure that all was working properly and that the new custom bikes were of high quality.

Even if American Choppers was a really successful TV show and their popularity constantly grew, nowadays everything is hard for the Tuetel family.

Orange County Choppers faces Foreclosure as they have unpaid mortgage debts totaling over $100,000. The problem is that OCC did not want to make these payments as they were looking to have loan changes made as deflation dropped property price for the facility that houses Orange County Choppers.

Nobody knows what will happen but the situation is not a pleasant one. Orange County Choppers thus faces foreclosure even if there is no risk of bankruptcy attached.