OutkastWe haven’t heard much from OutKast as a group since the 2007 release of their movie Idlewild.

But it now appears that they are quickly jumping back into the music scene.

This spring and summer OutKast is taking part in 40 festivals in order to celebrate their 20-year reunion.

Six music festivals nationwide have already announced that OutKast will play as one of their headlining acts this summer.

These festivals will take place everywhere from California to New York, so this is like a tour for the band that has been keeping quiet for quite a few years now.

If you’re a fan of OutKast, you can catch them at Coachella, Counterpoint Festival, The Big Guava Festival, The Hangout Music Festival, The Governers Ball Music Festival, and the Firefly Music Festival.

Over the next few weeks, as more festivals release their line-ups, OutKast’s tour schedule should start to flesh out.

Are you excited about OutKast’s reunion tour? Will you be attending any of these summer festivals? Let us know in the comments below!