After a two week parking ticket hiatus, the NYPD has begun issuing parking tickets for vehicles trapped in the snow. On the first day of tickets, nearly 10,000 parking tickets were issued throughout the city. That’s approximately twice the normal amount.

So far the city has issued $437,000 worth of parking tickets for snowbound vehicles.

The severe winter weather has trapped many cars on the side of the road, and the NYPD gave two weeks of leeway to motorists who were unable to move their vehicles. Now however they are issuing tickets once again for alternate side parking violations.

The city claims that the tickets are being issued to push motorists to remove their cars and give the Department of Sanitation room to clear the snow drifts from the curb. Many city streets are still unplowed despite this “encouragement.”

Robert Sinclair, spokesperson for the New York AAA, had no sympathy for the vehicle owners.

“If they wanted to get it out, they could get it out,” Sinclair told the press. “I can understand the difficulty, but you have to do it. That’s life in the big city.”

Motorists are now faced with the option of digging their vehicles out of several feet of snow and storm debris or facing hefty fines.