“P.T.” Now Available on PS4

“P.T.” stands for “playable teaser,” and it is the hottest demo to download for PS4 right now. Be prepared to get scared.

Well known Guillermo del Toro and Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima, are combining their great creative minds to bring fans a new Silent Hill game.

While no date has been announced, “P.T.” is sure to hype the game plenty.

Kojima and del Toro have also said that “P.T.” does not have anything to do with the new Silent Hill game, but it might give fans an idea of what to expect.

In “P.T.” you play first-person view in a house as you are trying to solve a puzzle. You must search the house looking for clues to solve the puzzle. This may result in some jump scares from time-to-time, but nothing you can’t handle, right?

The final puzzle of the game is said to be the hardest of all (check out IGN’s walk through if you get stuck). So far, players have come up with multiple ways to solve it, one way including the use of your PS4’s microphone.

Only once this puzzle is solved is it revealed that “P.T.” is for the announcement of the next Silent Hill game, Silent Hills.

Download “P.T.” for free on PSN.

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