Tom Graham, a Senator from Pennsylvania, was recently quoted as believing Sarah Palin could carry Pennsylvania if she mounted a serious campaign for U. S. President in 2012. In spite of his upbeat attitude, there are indications that show this could be an up-hill climb for the former Alaskan Governor.

A CNN/Opinion Research poll shows her popularity with voters have dropped to 49%. Although that appears an acceptable number, it is down from a prior poll which had her chances at 67%.

Palin is struggling with a public image that was somewhat tainted by her standing over a bloody elk with a smile on her face. Even those who believe in her chances worry that she may not be able to establish the right balance between the general public, the establishment, and the tea-party faction.

Although Palin acknowledges she is currently operating with a smaller campaign crew than she would prefer,  most of her staffers are not viewed by those who have mounted such campaigns as having the  credentials or professional experience  necessary to organize such a daunting campaign as a 2012 run for U. S. President.

With time on her side, Palin campaign insiders believe she can pull her percentages back into the ranges necessary to be considered a viable candidate by the leaders of the Republican party.