Today, Jared Loughner carried out an attempted assassination of Democratic Representative Gabrielle Giffords from Arizona.  Currently, Giffords has been reported to be in seriously critical condition and at least five others have died, including a popular federal judge and a child.

Part of the blame for the shooting is being placed on Sarah Palin who put Gabrielle Giffords on a “target list” of lawmakers.  The list, along with an included graphic on Palin’s website, literally has crosshairs placed on 20 locations over a map of the United States.  The crosshairs all apparently are placed over offices of lawmakers on the target list.

Palin defends the map, saying that she meant the targets to indicate races that needed to be fought for, but many are suggesting that the shooter may have misinterpreted the crosshairs on the map.  Some critics of Palin have suggested that her rhetoric has incited violence and point to not only the target map, but a Twitter posting by Palin herself in which she tells her supporters, “Don’t retreat, Instead – RELOAD.”

In an uncanny twist Gabrielle Giffords recently reached out to Palin to alert her to her dangerous statements.  The video of this interview with Giffords can be viewed here.