The members of the Pawnee gang are splitting in their own, separate ways. As they bid farewell to each other, they must complete one final task before they continue their own paths. Spoilers ahead!

After seven seasons, this is the last time we see of Leslie, Ron, April, Andy, and the rest of the quirky residents of Pawnee, Indiana. We see them both in the current, 2017 timeline, and in flashforwards that go even farther in the future, showing the individual fates of both the show’s main cast and some of the minor characters, such as Craig and Jean-Ralphio.

Most of these sections are fitting with the characters’ personalities. For instance, Tom’s restaurant business ends up failing and he finds new success as an author. However, he embraces his constant failures and ends up succeeding for that reason. Andy and April also have a fitting fate for them, where they finally have a child on Halloween night in their own special way. Ron has the most satisfying ending of them all, where he ends up taking care of the National Park in Pawnee. It is the most simple of them all, but it is also embodies his character the most.

Most of the returning appearances and shout outs were used within this final season, but this episode still has some welcome returns. Perhaps the best appearance comes from Ann and Chris, who return in one of the gang’s reunions in Pawnee. Their brief return was not surprising, since they have been a key part of the show.

There is very minor conflict between Leslie and Ben, which ends up being resolved rather quickly. The lack of conflict could make this episode a bit too saccharine, but one of this series’s appeals has been its positive, outgoing outlook despite the roadblocks of working in government. The biggest complaint of not just this episode, but the season in general, is the lack of Ron’s family life, since it makes his struggle to build a family in previous seasons a bit hollow.

“One Last Ride” presents a look into the future of the show’s main characters, with them building happy, productive lives. While the plot is a bit weak , this can be forgiven, as the spirit of the show remains until the end, and produces some laughs even at the end of its long run.  Parks and Recreation ends with the gang selflessly helping the public, just as this show has helped bring smiles into others, myself included. It will be greatly missed.

What do you guys think of this grand finale? Did you enjoy it? Any favorite moments of the entire series?

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